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Blogging, Business Development Classes at Bohnett CyberCenter

The Bohnett Foundation CyberCenter at the DC Center is the home for two computer-related classes.

The first, Blogging for Beginners, was conducted by Daniel Williford. Dan made the world of web logs (Blogs) easy to understand through a two week course. The first week's class included basics such as free services that bloggers can use to set up and maintain their blog; a survey of basic features of blogs and some tips on ways to make your blog a part of the internet community. The second course looked at ways to upgrade blogs and to make money from your blog, again using free services. A second series of the class will be presented July 8 and 15 at the CyberCenter (1111 14th St. NW, Suite 350, Washington DC). Class is limited to the first 12 participants.

The second set of classes, focusing on developing business and career skills, is conducted by members of the Rhema Foundation. The eight week class will teach basic skills for programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and will also work on developing career building skills, including advice on writing a resume and conducting a successful job interview.

The first class took place June 12; there are still a few seats available. To sign up, e-mail Rhema is a gay and lesbian faith-based non-profit doing special outreach to communities of color.