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Bohnett Foundation Continues Its Support of the Family Pride Coalition

WASHINGTON, DC, June 25, 2003 – The Family Pride Coalition is pleased to announce that it has received the final installment of a multi-year grant from the David Bohnett Foundation.

The Bohnett Foundation has provided $100,000 over three years for the advocacy department of the Family Pride Coalition, effectively creating an advocacy/policy position and other support for the organization. “On a daily basis we continue to be impressed by the work of the Family Pride Coalition,” Bohnett said. “So many of the important public policy victories that our families have achieved in recent years can be directly attributed to the work of Aimee and her team. We are honored to be able to fund such groundbreaking efforts.”

“Through his vision and generosity, David Bohnett has allowed the Family Pride Coalition to work for social justice and equality for LGBT parents and their families,” said Aimee Gelnaw, executive director of the Family Pride Coalition. “The support of the Bohnett Foundation is critical to our ability to respond to the continuing barrage of anti-gay and anti-family legislation all across the country.”

This year, the Family Pride Coalition's Department of Policy & Public Affairs was deeply involved in efforts to defeat three anti-gay foster care and adoption bills in Texas. By informing and mobilizing LGBT parents and supporters; generating thousands of letters, e-mails and phone calls to legislators; and helping bring in hundreds to testify at committee hearings, the Family Pride Coalition played an instrumental role in the death of all three measures at the committee level. In addition, the Policy & Public Affairs Department is responsible for all media relations and communications activities of the Family Pride Coalition.

In addition to its advocacy efforts, the Family Pride Coalition provides support to more than 180 local parenting groups, thousands of individuals and gathers LGBT parents and their families at regional event, including its annual Family Week events. For more information about the Family Pride Coalition, go to or call (202) 331-5015.

The Family Pride Coalition is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents and their families through mutual support, community collaboration and public understanding.