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David Bohnett Cyber Center Opens in New York

It was a full house at the Jan. 6 opening reception of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center's David Bohnett Cyber Center, designed to be used by, among others, the more than 6,000 people who visit the Center each week.

&#34The David Bohnett Cyber Center is an important and exciting addition to the Center,&#34 says Richard Burns, the Center's executive director. &#34It's another resource allowing us to fulfill our mission of building a strong, connected community. We're greatly appreciative of the David Bohnett Foundation for making this possible.&#34

The David Bohnett Foundation awarded the Center a generous grant for the creation of the Cyber Center, which was further bolstered by support from Verizon and the New York City Bureau of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.

The Cyber Center, which features new computers and computer stations, provides its users with a safe, comfortable space where they can learn basic computer skills, take classes in software usage and discover how to navigate the Internet.

&#34The David Bohnett Cyber Center will enable members of our community to access information specific to the LGBT community in a welcoming environment,&#34 says Ector Simpson, the Center's director of Cultural Programs. &#34We intend to have site listings readily available around HIV/AIDS, alcohol and substance use, safe sex, barebacking and other health-related topics that impact our community. Our Cyber Center is built upon a foundation of safety.&#34

The Cyber Center will also be useful in the Center's innovative work around crystal meth education.

&#34Research indicates that gay men are accessing on-line resources in increasing numbers,&#34 says Barbara Warren, the Center's director of Organizational Development, Planning and Research. &#34The Cyber Center will be used as a way for gay men to access Web-based crystal meth intervention information in a safe setting.&#34