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LA LGBT Center Reopens Its ‘CyberCenter’ with Bohnett Foundation Grant

The Los Angeles LGBT Center celebrated the reopening of its CyberCenter today, made possible by a $24,000 David Bohnett Foundation grant that provided 13 new Microsoft Office-loaded desktop computers with which Center clients can network, communicate and explore professional and educational opportunities. The Center’s CyberCenter was the first of the many David Bohnett CyberCenters that are now located all over the United States.

“The David Bohnett Foundation enables the Los Angeles LGBT Center to offer a vital service: computer and internet access,” said Center CEO Lorri L. Jean. “In these days of ubiquitous connectivity, most of us take such access for granted. But there are still many LGBT people who can’t afford a computer or high-speed internet access. The majority of our users report that the David Bohnett CyberCenter is their sole computer access point in the city. Whether it’s communicating with distant family, searching for a job or connecting to the wonders of the world wide web, the David Bohnett CyberCenter is a lifeline for all of its users.”

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