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Michael Fleming Receives 2013 JAG Special Leadership Award

The David Bohnett Foundation is pleased to announce that Executive Director Michael Fleming is this year’s recipient of the Joint Affinity Groups (JAG) of Southern California’s Special Leadership Award.

Mitchell Singer (right) of Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors and Michael Fleming (left)

Read Michael Fleming's remarks
made upon receiving the award

The JAG Special Leadership Award is designated for a leader whose influence in his or her own organization–and the broader philanthropic field–has made a positive change for inclusiveness.

“I am honored to be acknowledged by the Joint Affinity Group of Southern California for the work we’ve done at the David Bohnett Foundation,” Fleming said. “Whether it be civil and LGBT rights, access to clean and affordable mass transit or making certain that all of our children have access to LA’s vast array of cultural programs, we must strive to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities and prospects. That’s what social justice – and leadership – mean to me.”

Since 2000, Fleming has served as executive director of the Los Angeles-based David Bohnett Foundation, where he’s worked to fund forward-thinking programs, organizations and institutions in areas such as voting rights, education, transportation and gun violence. These issues affect a wide range of communities and individuals, particularly people of color. The foundation also is one of the largest LGBT funders in the country, tackling issues like marriage equality, employment and housing rights.

Fleming advises Bohnett and is recognized as a leader in the community helping fulfill the foundation’s goal of improving society through social justice and civic activism. Not only is their work eclectic and multi-faceted but also courageous in depth and scope. Very few funders, for example, are focusing on voters’ rights. Fleming says that investing in these issues today will pay dividends in the future. He believes taking the long, broad view of giving is what brings true change. This philanthropic “compass” makes Fleming worthy of the JAG Special Leadership Award.

JAG is comprised of members of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Hispanics in Philanthropy and Southern California Blacks in Philanthropy.