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President Bill Clinton, David Bohnett and Dede Gardner To Be Honored At Brady Bear Awards

LOS ANGELES – President Bill Clinton will join gun violence prevention advocates and leaders as the Brady Center recognizes the voices making a difference and putting this issue in the spotlight at the organization’s 2016 Los Angeles Brady Bear Awards Gala. Adam McKay and Brad Pitt are co-chairing the gala, and Rich Eisen will serve as Master of Ceremonies.

President Clinton, who signed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act into law more than 20 years ago, will receive the organization’s James Brady Leadership Award.

Dan Gross, President of the Brady Center, said, “We are honored to recognize the leader who believed in Jim’s vision of a safer America and championed the legislation to make that dream a reality. It was Clinton’s hand that signed the Brady Bill into law – a law that has blocked more than 2.6 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers, keeping deadly weapons out of dangerous hands. Jim and Sarah Brady were literally by President Clinton’s side that day, and thousands of Americans are alive today because of their work. In putting the safety of the American people before the interests of the corporate gun lobby, President Clinton proved that, if politicians are willing to forgo what is easy for what is right, then effective, lifesaving gun reform is possible. The responsibility is now on our shoulders to Finish the Job President Clinton and Jim Brady started by expanding Brady background checks to all gun sales.”

The 2016 Bear Awards will also honor co-president of Plan B Entertainment Dede Gardner and philanthropist and technology entrepreneur David Bohnett for their leadership amplifying the voices of the millions of Americans who have had #ENOUGH gun violence. Gardner and Bohnett have used their voices to lift up Brady’s work and advocate for victims of violence. The Bohnett Foundation has been a strong supporter of the Brady Center through the years and continues to shine a light on the gun violence prevention issue.

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