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Victory Institute David Bohnett LGBT Leadership Fellows off to Harvard

Graduates of this program include some of the country’s most visible and successful openly LGBT public leaders.

Two Assembly Democrats announce plan to close Proposition 13 loophole

An unlikely duo of Democratic Assembly members will unveil a proposal Tuesday to close one of most notorious, and legal, tax loopholes associated with Proposition 13.

David Bohnett Makes The Case For The Westside Subway Extension

The Beverly Hills Courier publishes a letter from David Bohnett in which he argues for the local “Purple” line.

From Detroit to D.C., Sharon Carney stays focused on public policy

Former Bohnett Fellow Sharon Carney transitioned from student at NYU to working with DC based Urban Institute.

Meet Sam Filler – The Most Popular Man in New York Wine

Former David Bohnett Fellow, Sam Filler, plays an important role in his leadership position at Governor Cuomo's Craft Beverage Initiative at Empire State Development.

Bohnett Foundation Grant Allows UCR LGBT Resource Center to Upgrade Computer Center

CyberCenter provides LGBT students a safe, nonjudgmental space

The New WhatsApp Billionaires and the Future of Philanthropy

Modern day philanthropists are now able to have more control over the foundations they create than the major philanthropists of the past.

David Bohnett Named as One of the Most Generous Tech Leaders

Inside Philanthropy has analyzed the giving patterns of tech leaders to determine those who have given away the largest percentage of their net worth.

Moving and shaking: AJC Yellin Award to David Bohnett

David Bohnett was named the recipient of American Jewish Committee Los Angeles’ (AJC-LA) Ira E. Yellin Community Leadership Award on Jan. 29.

James Piereson: What Bill Gates Won't Tell You About Giving Money Away

Donate to causes you care about, think long term, and remember it's your money.