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Only Transgender Capitol Hill Staffer Pushes For LGBT Rights [video] video profiles Ben Panico and his experience as an openly transgender Capitol Hill staffer.

Meet the only openly trans U.S. House staffer

Ben Panico is spending a year as a staffer in the US House of Representatives as part of his David Bohnett Foundation fellowship.

David Bohnett CyberCenters Awarded ‘Refresh’ Grants Totaling $500,000

Equipment upgrades include up to fifteen state-of-the-art, all-in-one PC or MAC workstations as well as high profile printers and scanners for each CyberCenter.

What Does It Feel Like To Win? A Top LGBT Funder Tells Us

“I feel a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment,” Bohnett said in a recent interview, about the impact of his LGBT giving, which has totaled $17 million since 1999.

The David Bohnett Foundation Awards Lambda Literary $10,000 Grant

With the Bohnett Foundation’s support, Lambda Literary will move forward with plans to upgrade our popular website this year.

Three openly LGBT elected officials join distinguished list of government leaders as graduates of Harvard Kennedy School

The three join a cohort of over 100 elite David Bohnett Foundation LGBT Leadership Fellows since 2002

Mayfield completes Harvard government training

City Councilmember LaWana Mayfield joins a long list of government leaders who have participated in the intense state and local government program.

Victory Institute David Bohnett LGBT Leadership Fellows off to Harvard

Graduates of this program include some of the country’s most visible and successful openly LGBT public leaders.

Two Assembly Democrats announce plan to close Proposition 13 loophole

An unlikely duo of Democratic Assembly members will unveil a proposal Tuesday to close one of most notorious, and legal, tax loopholes associated with Proposition 13.

David Bohnett Makes The Case For The Westside Subway Extension

The Beverly Hills Courier publishes a letter from David Bohnett in which he argues for the local “Purple” line.