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Brady Gun-Control Organization Gets New President

Youth anti-violence advocate Daniel Gross has been elected to head the David Bohnett Foundation funded Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Center.

Michigan Has Among the Highest Rate of Black Homicide Victims

A new study by Bohnett Foundation funded Violence Policy Center puts its focus on the race of homicide victims.

CCF Profile on David Bohnett

California Community Foundation (CCF) interviews David Bohnett, talking about his philanthropic work.

Bohnett Fellow Calls for New Approach to Creating Effective Financial Literacy Programs

White paper, co-authored by Barbara Kiviat, a David Bohnett Public Service Fellow at NYU suggests steps for more sensible personal finance decisions.

Summer Jobs+ Initiative To Create Teen Jobs

White House panel promotes new public-private partnership to create teen jobs and drive economy.

Internet pioneer pushes social change through investing, activism

David Bohnett founded GeoCities, the social networking company that made his fortune. Now he's investing in Internet start-ups and supporting a campaign to amend Proposition 13.

Spectrum Center celebrates 40th anniversary

The University of Michigan celebrates its past and looks to the future as it celebrated the 40th Anniversary of its LGBT center.

This Moment in the LGBT Movement

Lecture given by David Bohnett at the University of Michigan's Spectrum Center on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary.

Touring the Recreated 1969 Birthplace of the Internet at UCLA

UCLA room where the first message was sent in the internet's history has been restored as the Kleinrock Internet Heritage Site.

Institute releases report highlighting same-sex couples, kids

A New York-based adoption institute has released a report examining same-sex couples raising children in the U.S. Among other recommendations, the Adoption Institute says there should be advocacy for same-sex marriage laws.