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Orangutan's Spontaneous Whistling Opens New Chapter In Study Of Evolution Of Speech

The orangutan Bonnie began whistling spontaneously, giving scientists new insights into the evolution of speech. Science Daily.

Teen homelessness: America’s worst kept secret

Ruth Ellis Center is home away from home for LGBTQ teens. By Tracey M. Henry, The Michigan Citizen.

Affirmations Caf

Man faces possible excommunication from LDS Church for supporting same sex marriage

Reported by: Chris Vanocur,

Study: Series TV showing more gays, lesbians

Associated Press

Ellen DeGeneres Defends the Right to Gay Marriage

Given her recent high-style nuptials to Portia de Rossi, it's no surprise that Ellen DeGeneres

Paterson Weighs In on California Gay Marriage

By Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

Backers of California same-sex marriage ban are out-fundraising opponents

By Dan Morain and Jessica Garrison, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

Celebs try to tip balance in gay marriage money battle

Last week, Brad Pitt gave $100k to help defeat Prop 8. Yesterday, director Steven Spielberg

Same-sex marriage is no 'small thing'

by Pamela Case, Tracy Press