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CA: Analysis–Can You Trust the Polling on Proposition 8?

Do voters lie to pollsters when asked their opinion on banning same-sex marriage?

Same-Sex Marriage Battle Heating Up

SAN DIEGO — The No on Proposition 8 campaign is going on the air with

First TV ad in ballot war over same-sex marriage

By Steven Harmon MediaNews Sacramento Bureau

A Milestone for Gays, A Boon for Massachusetts

Nonresidents' Same-Sex Weddings Bring Economic Boost

Gay Republicans Back McCain-Palin Ticket

In a statement released late Tuesday, the Log Cabin Republicans endorsed the campaign of Senator

Republicans have nothing to offer gay Americans claims HRC

America's leading gay rights group has accused the Republicans of not having a positive word

Suit to stop NY recognizing gay marriages is dismissed

By James T. Madore,

School board rejects resolution on same-sex marriage

By Maggie Creamer, The Bakersfield Californian

Court Backs Paterson Regarding Gay Unions

By Nicholas Confessore, New York Times

Website features Republican supporters of gay marriage

The GOP's stance may be wider than you think when it comes to your right