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Man faces possible excommunication from LDS Church for supporting same sex marriage

Reported by: Chris Vanocur,

Ellen DeGeneres Defends the Right to Gay Marriage

Given her recent high-style nuptials to Portia de Rossi, it's no surprise that Ellen DeGeneres

Backers of California same-sex marriage ban are out-fundraising opponents

By Dan Morain and Jessica Garrison, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

Celebs try to tip balance in gay marriage money battle

Last week, Brad Pitt gave $100k to help defeat Prop 8. Yesterday, director Steven Spielberg

Same-sex marriage is no 'small thing'

by Pamela Case, Tracy Press

CA: Analysis–Can You Trust the Polling on Proposition 8?

Do voters lie to pollsters when asked their opinion on banning same-sex marriage?

Paterson Weighs In on California Gay Marriage

By Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

First TV ad in ballot war over same-sex marriage

By Steven Harmon MediaNews Sacramento Bureau

Same-Sex Marriage Battle Heating Up

SAN DIEGO — The No on Proposition 8 campaign is going on the air with

A Milestone for Gays, A Boon for Massachusetts

Nonresidents' Same-Sex Weddings Bring Economic Boost