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Q&A with David Bohnett at CSQ 2016 LA Visionaries Summit

A discussion on the importance of inclusion with David Bohnett, CSQ’s 2015 Visionary of the Year in Philanthropy, Art and Culture.

LA Phil celebrates Jazz Age with Gershwin numbers

The Los Angeles Philharmonic and Gustavo Dudamel departed from their customary longhair musical fare for the opening night gala at Walt Disney Concert Hall, on Sept. 27, with the immortal works of the jazz age.

David Bohnett Foundation Grant-Making Process To Change Starting January 1, 2018

The David Bohnett Foundation will move to an ‘invitation only’ grantmaking process starting in 2018.

A Tale of Deleted Cities

An art exhibit on display at The Computer History Museum details the culture of GeoCities during th early days of the internet.

Goodbye Britain, hello Beverly Hills: Newly arrived artistic director of the Wallis throws an open house

Paul Crewes joins Managing director Rachel Fine and chairman David Bohnett to form the Wallis’ new management trio.

Guns and Foundation Leadership: A Critique of a Chronicle of Philanthropy Column

Judy Belk, chief executive of the California Wellness Foundation, responds to criticism of the #ReasonsForHope campaign.

A Bloody Slog: The Funders Backing the Long Fight Against Gun Violence

Guns are definitely a place where philanthropy also needs to operate with a long time horizon.

After Orlando Shooting, Nonprofits Respond Rapidly

Florida nonprofits, LGBT groups, and major grant makers have hastily formed a loose and rapidly growing network of support to deal with the enormous needs — both physical and psychological — of the shooting victims in Orlando.

What’s Behind a Major Gift for a More Integrative Residential College Experience?

Bohnett’s campus gift also underscores the fact that, despite the democratizing promise of online and blended learning, funders still see tremendous value in a classic residential college experience. And that’s a good thing.

It’s Time to Open Up Access to Video Content

Deregulation and adoption of open technologies for the current set-top box will lead to a comparable explosion in services.