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Victory Institute announces 2015 Bohnett Leadership Fellows

Our 2015 fellows will join the Bohnett alumni network, forging bonds beyond their time at Harvard. Many alumni work together, both in and out of government, to deliver progress for LGBT people and their families.

Internet History Podcast Interviews David Bohnett

In the interview David recounts how a lifelong passion for communications tech inspired the idea of GeoCities in the mid 90s.

Foreground Art Magazine Interviews David Bohnett

In the interview David discusses his recent gifts to the LA Phil as well as delves into some of his reasons for being a philanthropist.

Campus Pride receives $20,000 grant to support scholarships to Camp Pride Summer Leadership Academy

For the second year, the grant from the David Bohnett Foundation helps to support scholarship funding for HBCU, TCU and 2 Year Colleges for Camp Pride this July

Bohnett Fellows Make a Difference in L.A. Mayor’s Office

From L.A. to D.C., students in the David Bohnett Fellowship program are making an impact wherever they go. This fellowship program, sponsored by the David Bohnett Foundation, gives UCLA Luskin students the unique opportunity to work in the L.A. Mayor’s office.

Geocities Founder David Bohnett Paves Path for LGBT

Twitter. Facebook. Tumblr. These social media giants have become integral parts in contributing to our daily lives. But how often do we stop and reflect on the history of our digital habits?

Big-City Mayors Tap Grad Students for Their Teams

New mayoral fellowships give graduate students city governance experience and mayors much-needed extra help.

Enigma machine from World War II finds unlikely home in Beverly Hills

In the Oscar-nominated movie “The Imitation Game,” a group of young British mathematicians is tasked with cracking the German Engima machine, the cipher device that the Nazis used to encrypt and decrypt war communications.

What’s Behind This New, Massive Give to the LA Philharmonic?

Bohnett realized he could help the LA Philharmonic “reach underserved communities… to help broaden the access, broaden the programming, broaden the awareness, broaden the diversity.”

LA LGBT Center Reopens Its ‘CyberCenter’ with Bohnett Foundation Grant

The Los Angeles LGBT Center celebrated the reopening of its CyberCenter today, made possible by a $24,000 David Bohnett Foundation grant.