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HuffPost: Trump’s Insidious Dual Assault on the American Creative Class

By David C. Bohnett, Contributor

Draconian budget cuts in the arts and odious Trumpcare provisions combine to impoverish Americans and extinguish creativity and freedom of expression.

Americans for the Arts, the leading arts advocacy group in the nation, reports that the White House just released official details of its FY2018 “skinny budget,” proposed by President Trump in March. In this latest version, the president doubles down on his recommendation to eliminate the key federal agencies for the arts, humanities, museums, libraries, and public broadcasting, allocating only “expenses necessary to carry out their closure.” The budget proposal also eliminates important arts education and afterschool grant programs.

The proposed destruction of these national arts and humanities programs threatens not only the survival of our country’s cultural producers but also the cultural health of our entire society.

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