LGBT Community

Improving society through social activism.

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Enriching society through technology and innovation.

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Fund for Los Angeles

Refining society through arts, culture and civic life.

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Gun Violence Prevention

Enhancing society through the reduction of gun violence.

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Leadership Initiatives

Empowering society through the next generation of leaders.

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Animal Language

Advancing society through understanding.

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David C. Bohnett On How Helping People Achieve Their Goals Gives Him Energy

June 21, 2017

The philanthropist and technology entrepreneur shares his morning routine and the quote that gives him strength.

HuffPost: Trump’s Insidious Dual Assault on the American Creative Class

June 12, 2017

Piece by David Bohnett details the harm that Trumps "skinny budget" will do to the American arts community.

The Wallis Names Michael Nemeroff New Board Chairman

May 24, 2017

Current Chairman David C. Bohnett will simultaneously assume a new leadership position as Chairman of the Executive Committee