LGBTQ Community

Improving society through social activism.

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Enriching society through technology and innovation.

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Fund for Los Angeles

Refining society through arts, culture and civic life.

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Gun Violence Prevention

Enhancing society through the reduction of gun violence.

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Leadership Initiatives

Empowering society through the next generation of leaders.

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Animal Language

Advancing society through understanding.

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Something Ventured Podcast: David Bohnett — GeoCities Founder Turned Philanthropist and Social Activist

April 14, 2021

Listen on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts! David Bohnett founded Geocities in the 1990s, well

Bringing People Together is This USC Trustee’s Driving Principle

April 8, 2021

Whether he was building one of the internet’s earliest social networks or championing equal rights, David Bohnett has made community a priority.

What we can learn from early online platforms

March 25, 2021

Berkman Klein event explores the early years of online platforms, the state of current platforms, and the future