United States Conference of Mayors: Armando Ahued Ahedo

Armando Ahued Ahedo

Armando Ahued Ahedo is the CEO of Comercializadora JAHAM S.A de C.V., a consultancy in government and real estate. Previously, he assisted the Mexican government in the international economic field and served as CFO for a Mayoral candidate in Mexico City. Armando set up his own company three years ago. Having a background in both business and the public sector, he has developed a keen sense on how to connect parties in different fields. Armando understands the vital role of public relations in winning buy-in from key stakeholders. Armando is multi-lingual—he speaks Spanish, English, French, and Italian, and is studying Arabic. Armando holds a B.A. in International Management from Anahuac University and an M.S. in Public Management from the National Institute of Public Administration, both in Mexico City. Currently he is completing the Executive Master in Public Administration from New York University and University College of London.