UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: Daniel Caroselli

Daniel Caroselli, MUP, 2011

Director, Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Economic and Business Policy

Daniel Caroselli

Dan Caroselli is an urban planning graduate of UCLA Luskin. He focused his studies on the built environment, with special attention on the perception of physical urban form and its influence on local economies. He received his BA with Honors and Distinction in Art/Semiotics from Brown University in 2006, and worked in auto and home design tradeshow marketing before deciding to pursue his Masters degree at UCLA.

As a Bohnett Fellow in the newly created Mayor's Office of Economic and Business Policy, Dan was involved in the formulation of a comprehensive business retention and attraction strategy for the City of Los Angeles. Working with an interdisciplinary team composed of the Department of City Planning and the Department of Building and Safety (among many others), he helped to create a concrete, easy to use system for public and private officials seeking to start, move, or grow businesses within the city limits.