UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: Daniel Rodman

Daniel Rodman, MUP, 2014

Daniel Rodman

Daniel Rodman is a Master’s student in Urban and Regional Planning, focusing on behind-the-scenes laws and regulations that govern the urban landscape. Daniel works as a student researcher for the UCLA Complete Streets Initiative, testing alternatives to traditional transportation metrics that take a narrow view of what makes a properly functioning street.

Daniel is a student editor for the University of California Transportation Center Access Magazine, which translates academic research into straightforward prose.

Before attending UCLA, Daniel worked for the South Bay Cities Council of Governments testing the mobility and air quality impacts of neighborhood electric vehicles in suburban communities. He also worked on Energy Upgrade California, a residential energy-efficiency retrofit incentive program. Previously, Daniel worked at New York City Street to Home, identifying street homeless individuals in Midtown Manhattan and guiding clients through New York City’s permanent housing process.

Daniel is active in the Los Angeles bicycle community, serving as a member of the UCLA Bicycle Coalition and as a Westside Neighborhood Ambassador for the LA County Bicycle Coalition. Daniel is on Los Angeles’ Bicycle Plan Implementation Team, and most Thursdays one can find him volunteering at the Bikerowave, a do-it-yourself community bicycle shop in Mar Vista.