NYU Wagner School of Public Service: Frances Liu

Frances Liu, MPA, 2012

New York’s Tri-State Team Citi Community Development

Frances Liu

Frances Liu completed her MPA specializing in public policy analysis in 2012. As a Bohnett Fellow, Frances worked for the Business Development Division of the NYC Department of Small Business Services and in the office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services. Frances then served as Chief of Staff for the NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, the City’s liaison to the United Nations, foreign governments, and New York’s diplomatic and consular community.

In early 2014, Frances joined Citi Community Development’s New York Tri-State team, where she manages relationships with municipal and nonprofit partners and contributes to initiatives serving low- and moderate-income communities. Frances is leveraging her experiences in the public and nonprofit sectors to strengthen Citi’s cross-sector partnerships. She has a particular focus on projects that serve low-income immigrant communities.