UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: Holli Fajack

Holli Fajack, MUP, 2014

Holli Fajack

Holli Fajack is a Master’s student in Urban and Regional Planning, focusing on environmental policy and urban sustainability.

She is motivated by her interest in exploring the complex relationships between nature, culture and the built environment and examining the ways that smart environmental policies and programs can make cities healthier and more resilient. She is also interested in exploring how art and visual messaging can be used to communicate the urgency of environmental challenges and mobilize communities to action.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Holli moved to Los Angeles in 2001 after receiving a BFA in photography from the College of Santa Fe. Her passion for the environment was ignited during the four years she worked for Tree Media Group, a socially and environmentally focused film and web media company.

Prior to beginning her graduate studies at UCLA she worked for nearly three years as the Student Greening Program Director for Sustainable Works, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating college students, residents, and businesses about environmental stewardship and resource conservation. As a Bohnett Fellow, Holli looks forward to having the opportunity to contribute to citywide environmental programs and initiatives that positively impact communities and citizens throughout Los Angeles.