UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: Jeremiah Attermann

Jeremiah Attermann, Master of Social Welfare

Jeremiah Attermann is a master’s student in Social Welfare. Jeremiah is particularly interested in social work on a global scale; highlighting the importance of mental health in humanitarian relief and crisis situations. In addition, Jeremiah is focusing on various “macro” aspects of social work, including the relevance of social work in policy development and non-profit management.

Prior to beginning his master’s degree, Jeremiah worked at the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic in South Los Angeles as a Case Manager. This experience gave Jeremiah his first understanding of life for many Angelenos, and helped spur his desire to pursue an MSW degree. Prior to his work as a Case Manager, Jeremiah spent several months working and interning in various parts of Africa. In Tanzania, Jeremiah worked with a non-profit organization called One Heart Source that focuses on improving educational opportunities for children in impoverished rural villages. In South Africa, Jeremiah worked at the Cape Town Child Welfare Services, and established a short treatment plan for adolescents with issues such as truancy, gang involvement, and substance abuse.

This year, Jeremiah received the Bohnett Fellowship. He will be working at the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, in the Office of Veterans Affairs. The focus of his work will be on reducing veteran homelessness throughout Los Angeles County, as well as creating more opportunities for veterans to secure employment.