United States Conference of Mayors: Mary Daou

Mary Daou

Mary is a Master of Public Policy candidate interested in arts and culture, environmental policy, and international development. She has approached her program as a generalist, hoping to build a versatile skillset and malleable career path that will enable her to serve her community and contribute to society in ever-changing ways. Mary studied studio art and political science at the University of California at Riverside, as well as international affairs at Sciences Po, Paris. At the time, her research revolved around post-war social and economic development in Lebanon, and her artwork explored anxiety, the inner self, and our relationships with our bodies as spaces. Mary worked closely with the Middle Eastern Student Center—the first of its kind in the UC system and in California—to shape it into the inclusive, supportive, and productive space it is for students today. The highlight of Mary’s undergraduate experience came at the culmination of her four years when she was selected to be the commencement speaker at UCR’s College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences ceremony.

Prior to starting her master’s degree, Mary held a Public Service Fellowship through the Western Riverside Council of Governments in the Riverside City Manager’s Office. She was afforded the opportunity to conduct research for both the Mayor’s and City Manager’s offices as well as support projects within the Arts and Culture Division, the Office of Homeless Solutions, the Ward Action Teams, and others. Her research included a variety of topics such as innovation districts, fireworks policy, automobile fatalities, housing first, and municipal marketing. She went on to create homeless “success stories” that were shared with the community and wrote the proposal which revised the city’s arts and culture grant program and created a new fund for individual, emerging artists.
Mary is honored to be joining the US Conference of Mayors as a Bohnett Intern. She is excited to work on innovative urban policy projects alongside eager, experienced, and thoughtful leaders.