UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: Nahtahna Cabanas

Nahtahna Cabanas, MSW, 2013

Community Outreach Coordinator, CASA of Los Angeles

Nahtahna Cabanas

Nahtahna Cabanes received her second master’s degree in Social Welfare and integrated her interest of understanding historical context and how to implement real change.

For ten years she was a teacher of history, dedicated to teaching diverse populations (including inmates, low-income youth, single-working mothers, and at-risk adolescents) the themes of historical struggle.

Outside of her work, she has labored to give a voice to her community. These efforts have manifested through her work with community advocacy over telecommunication laws and her efforts in creating collective bargaining for the graduate students at Tufts University.

Nahtahna worked as a Bohnett Fellow in Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Office of Education. Her work focused on local coalition efforts to reform education, specializing in community engagement and equitable education. She helped to support the Mayor’s Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, a nonprofit that manages 22 historically low-performing district schools and plans used the educational opportunities offered by the UCLA Social Welfare Program to become an effective education and social service advocate.