UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: Tammy Barreras

Tammy Barreras, Master of Social Welfare

Tammy Barreras is a graduate student in Social Welfare. The focus of her coursework is on community organizing, program development and data analysis. Tammy has been involved in community improvement operations for several different organizations throughout the Los Angeles area including DCFS, YouthBuild Charter High School, and the Union Rescue Mission. Throughout Los Angeles County she has conducted research on different cities ultimately proposing opportunities for program and city improvements.

Prior to starting her graduate studies Tammy worked at Children’s Hospital of Orange County for 10 years as an inpatient Pharmacy Technician where she has aided in cultivating a mindful perspective and participated in lifesaving measures on a daily basis. Feeling at home in a high pressure environment, she created essential new workflows by collaborating with physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other medical professionals in order to improve patient safety and well-being. While attending California State University, Los Angeles she also worked with several nonprofit organizations, businesses, school officials and community members in the Los Angeles area to provide services and support to individuals affected by homelessness, members of the LGBTQ community and adolescents within the juvenile justice system.

As a recipient of the David Bohnett Fellowship, Tammy will be working in the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti in the Department of Budget & Innovation, a specialized interdepartmental team which is responsible for the City’s Performance Based Budgeting process. Working with various departments, the CAO, and other parts of the Mayor’s Office, the Team develops and manages the annual budget process and determines how to allocate $8 billion in annual spending. As a Bohnett Fellow Tammy hopes to provide high-level research, policy analysis, design and implementation of programs to improve the City of Los Angeles and the lives of all its citizens.