David Bohnett Speeches

Welcome Remarks for Gustavo and Eloisa Dudamel

There are two things that bring this group together this evening, our love of music and our love for our community, the City of Los Angeles.

Tom and I are proud to host this dinner in honor of Gustavo and Eloisa Dudamel, and, in recognition of Gustavo’s triumphant Walt Disney Concert Hall debut. Those of us who attended any of the concerts in the last few days will never forget the music we heard and witnessing Gustavo’s electrifying performance.

The second reason we are here, as I mentioned, is our love for the City of Los Angeles and its civic and cultural institutions, in particular, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association.

There are many things unique about Los Angeles, but, I think what sets our city apart from all others is the fact that most people who live here, are *from* somewhere else.

Most of us chose to come to Los Angeles because it was here that we were free to pursue our goals and dreams and truly become connected and a part of this vibrant, cosmopolitan, world city.

And, just as we chose Los Angeles, LA chose each one of us, which I think gives us a unique sense of pride and affection for our adopted hometown.

We have all gathered here to welcome you, and include you both in our Los Angeles family.

Gustavo and Eloisa, a toast to you both!