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Home sweet home: A guide to housing for USC students

Although freshmen, spring admits and transfer students may have just settled into their residential colleges and apartments, the looming prospect of finding housing for the 2018-19 academic year is fast approaching. But there is no need to fear: USC has housing options to suit all different sets of student living needs, price ranges and special interests.

The housing complex has approximately 2,000 spots open for returning students. From lofts with kitchenettes to full-sized apartments with living rooms, USC Village has something for everyone. A space in the complex can range from $3,250 per semester to rent a two-bedroom, four-person loft to $6,590 for a single in a two-bedroom apartment. All contracts include a partial meal plan, which can be used at dining halls.

Building 6, located in the southwest corner, is home to Cale and Irani Residential Colleges, open to all upperclassmen. Cale Residential College offers programming for students who are interested in learning about global issues and international relations. Irani offers workshops and activities in performance science for students who want to improve their leadership skills. Cale and Irani is also a great choice for students who like to frequent the gym as the USC Village Fitness Center is right under the residential apartments.

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