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The Way of the Wallis

You’re currently serving as the Chairperson of the Wallis Board of Directors. How has that been going so far?

I was inducted two years ago this fall so I am just completing my second full year as Chairman. It’s going very well. I think the most important factors [are] the quality of the programming and the very, very positive audience reaction and the very positive critical reviews. The performances that we put on the stages have been very, very successful and well received.

You founded the very first social networking site on the internet, GeoCities, in 1994. Tell us about that.

I was always interested in giving people a chance to contribute and participate. The internet was new at that point, so I thought it was important to give people a chance to express [and] talk about what they were interested in and build pages in communities where they could meet people that have similar interests. So it was an early forerunner of what became Myspace and then Friendster and Facebook. But it was really about giving everybody the opportunity to be a part of a new medium.

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