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What’s Behind a Major Gift for a More Integrative Residential College Experience?

Bohnett’s campus gift also underscores the fact that, despite the democratizing promise of online and blended learning, funders still see tremendous value in a classic residential college experience. And that’s a good thing.

It’s Time to Open Up Access to Video Content

Deregulation and adoption of open technologies for the current set-top box will lead to a comparable explosion in services.

USC Trustee David C. Bohnett pledges $2.5 million to endow Price fellowship program

The David C. Bohnett Leadership Fund will help us continue to develop smart, resourceful and innovative local leaders,

USC Trustee David C. Bohnett gives $15 million for residential college

The college at USC Village will focus on the principles of social justice and community service

California’s new gun laws are based on common sense — of course the NRA opposes them

In an LA Times letter, David Bohnett argues in favor of California’s new gun laws.

Bohnett Honored by Brady Center, NECO

USC Trustee and USC Marshall Alumnus David Bohnett honored for support of anti-gun violence work, civic leadership and philanthropy

Meet the 2016 Bohnett Leadership Fellows

Our 2016 class includes leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds, government roles and regions, who will join the Bohnett alumni network, forging bonds beyond their time at Harvard.

Bill Clinton, Dede Gardner Discuss Importance of Gun Safety at Brady Center’s Bear Awards

The former President took the stage alongside producer Gardner and philanthropist David Bohnett

Jenna Fischer Says Preventing Gun Violence Is Her Calling

“No parent should have to lose a child, and no parent should have to lose a child because of a gun that was in their home, that they put in their home that their child found accidentally.”

NECO to Present The Ellis Island Medals Of Honor On Ellis Island – Saturday, May 7, 2016

Philanthropist and technology entrepreneur, David Bohnett, among the outstanding Americans who will receive the 2016 Ellis Island Medals of Honor.