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The 23 most powerful LGBTQ+ people in tech

Business Insider has compiled a list of some of the most influential and notable people in tech who identify as LGBTQ+.

Meet the LGBT staffers — the power behind the lawmakers

Young new heroes like Ricardo Lara—who came out at San Diego State “ready to fight”—have worked hard and risen through the ranks, proudly representing both the LGBT and Latino communities.

Ray Madoff Makes Sure Money Maneuvers to the Right Pockets

She began her career in the world of corporate law as a tax attorney—but today, renowned BC law professor Ray Madoff teaches students about trusts and estates, and focuses on her philanthropic research.

Los Angeles LGBT Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary And Expansion Of Historic David Bohnett CyberCenter

Whether it’s communicating with distant friends and family, connecting with community, or searching for a job, the David Bohnett CyberCenter is a lifeline for many LGBT people who can’t afford a computer or high-speed internet access.

Touring the recreated 1969 birthplace of the internet at UCLA

The site of the first ARPANET transmission has been turned into a mini-museum with the help of David Bohnett.

Introducing our 2019 David Bohnett Leadership and Public Service Fellows

Three Ford School graduate students – Eric Hanss, Jonatan Martinez, and Nick Najor – have recently been selected to serve the City of Detroit Mayor’s Office as the 2019 David Bohnett Leadership and Public Service Fellows.

Developers, philanthropists and a Pulitzer-winning novelist will help choose USC’s next president

The 23 faculty members and trustees on the panel reflect a broad spectrum of views but have the singular goal of choosing a leader who can guide the university out of a series of damaging scandals.

Philp Glass to Receive 41st Annual Kennedy Honors Alongside Cher, Reba McEntire, Wayne Shorter

David Bohnett participates in the selection of honorees through his involvement with the Center’s Special Honors Advisory Committee.

27 Most Successful LGBT+ Entrepreneurs, Executives and Opinion Leaders

In honor of LGBT STEM day, we’re taking a look at some of the most successful and powerful leaders in the LGBT community.

After Parkland, a Regional Funder Gives to Youth Advocacy and Gun Reform

Gun safety has been the focus of a small but growing group of funders for some time. The major players are the Joyce Foundation, the David Bohnett Foundation, the Kendeda Fund, the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.